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Gutemberg Dos Santos


Gutemberg Dos Santos is a man who recognizes the importance of mentorship throughout every stage of one’s career.

Located in Las Vegas but born and raised in Brazil, Gutemberg faced a number of challenges in his transition that would have been more difficult to navigate had he not had a reliable source of support. As such, Gutemberg is a major proponent of providing the resources necessary to lead his employees to success, regardless of their backgrounds, levels of experience, or aspirations.

Gutemberg’s interest in entrepreneurship was piqued at just 11 years old, when he successfully turned a profit from a resale business he had established out of curiosity. Possessing a positive track record at such a young age solidified Gutemberg’s desire for professional independence, and that passion only grew as he moved through his teenage years.

By the age of 17, Gutemberg realized he would need a strong network of other experts to aid him through his first large-scale business ventures. As such, he began branching out and meeting others who possessed greater experience and insight and were willing to take an aspiring entrepreneur under their wing.

It was then that Gutemberg Dos Santos and Hagen Horst, a renowned entrepreneur, lifestyle coach, and marketing expert, crossed paths. To this day, Gutemberg cites Hagen as one of his greatest sources of inspiration and support throughout his formative years.

As a successful entrepreneur and innovator himself, Gutemberg desires to make the same impact on individuals who come from a similar background or possess similar aspirations that he once did. As such, Gutemberg oversees DA PONTE Brazil, a civil association that spearheads the distribution of educational materials and creates social assistance programs geared toward improving the professional training of the entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, the organization provides professionals in the artistic, technological, and scientific fields with the materials they need to achieve self-sustainability.

Alongside his philanthropic efforts, Gutemberg Dos Santos serves as an advisor to multiple software startup companies based in Brazil. Additionally, given his deep interest in technology, he sponsors a number of researchers who are developing smart hardware and further exploring the internet of things. He also founded a network marketing channel that reaches over 109 countries and enables him to effectively manage the thousands of individuals associated with his business ventures.

If you are interested in learning more about Gutemberg, the philanthropic causes he supports, or the ways in which he desires to reach more aspiring entrepreneurs, be sure to visit his blog page!

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