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All around the world, there are thousands of charities working toward helping those in need. While most charities have pure intentions, some are not so noble. When looking for a good charity to support, here are some red flags you should watch out for.

Poor Financial Records

Charities need to be on top of their finances, primarily for tax purposes, but also for transparency’s sake. For example, a charity that is deliberately attempting to hide its CEO’s salary is probably a no-go. A charity who also seems to have an excessive amount of money going toward things like marketing could also be iffy.

Low Effectiveness

Charities take some time to get off the ground, especially where the actual help is concerned. Yet, a charity that has been around for several years and has little to show for itself does not sound legitimate. Although you may not always be able to gauge how well a charity operates, ask some people within the organization and try to get a feeling for how effective they are.

Public Scandals

When an organization has a scandal, it should be an immediate red flag for anyone looking to join. Some scandals can be taken out of context, but it’s worth considering the public image it portrays. Would you want to be involved in a charity that had money stolen for private use? How about one with a history of exploitation of its workers? Most people would look down upon those organizations, so it’s crucial to make a wise decision about which charity to get involved with. Furthermore, you should look into the higher-ups at the charity to see if they have any negative press, as their guilt may also become yours by association.

“Too Good To Be True”

As a final thought, be careful of causes that seem too good to be true. If a charity is quick to answer every question with a perfect response and seems to be doing much more than it has the resources to do, you should remain cautious. Some charities may actually be scams looking to lure in people with good intentions.

When looking for a cause to support, don’t quickly jump into the first charity you hear about. Be intentional about your commitment, and do some research to find out just how reputable the organization is. If they appear to have red flags, do some further digging. You may just avoid a nightmare by choosing carefully.