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Charity Buzz is an innovative way to raise money for charity. As an online auction site featuring high-end items, it brings together people looking to buy, charities, and celebrities willing to donate for the cause.

How It Works

To bid on an item, you simply have to register for free. When registering, you will be required to supply valid credit card information and delivery address.

Now, you can either browse for an item you desire through the carousel of hot items on the website’s front page. Or, you can search for items using the sidebar.

Once you find an item you want, you place your bid. Bidding is simple. You either bid the next minimum bid or place your maximum bid.

Items Up For Auction

As for auction items, you’re not going to find ordinary items on Charity Buzz. Instead, you’ll find unique items on which to bid. For example, auction items include autographed sports memorabilia, art pieces, VIP backstage passes, exotic trips, and unique experiences.

By unique experience, the website means eating lunch with an influential CEO. Or, you could catch a baseball game with a celebrity. Finally, if music is more to your liking, you could win a lesson from a famous guitarist.

As you can see, the items up for auction are abundant. In fact, the website boasts of over 100,000 items available for auction to date.

Who Benefits

With all of these auction items, it’s no wonder that over $250 million has been raised so far. And, 80% of that goes toward charity.

And, the types of charities benefiting from the auctions are just as varied as the items on the auction block. From education to health-related charities to the environment, there are over 4,000 charities represented.

If you’re looking to support a specific charity, you can search for auction items by cause. Or, you can search for a specific charity by name.

Charity Buzz is The Buzz

With so many items up for auction for so many worthy causes, it’s obvious to see why Charity Buzz is so popular.

Not only can you find unique items for auction, but you support a good cause at the same time. It’s double the value for your money.