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Charity galas are a fairly common type of charitable event, but they can seem a little mysterious to those who have not been to one before. Here is what a person can expect when they decide to attend a charity gala.

Getting a Ticket

For almost any sort of charity event, it is impossible to attend without a ticket. Tickets can be highly sought after for the trendiest galas, so getting a ticket can actually be a big challenge. Check the websites for the venue and the charity to see if tickets are free online. If they are sold out there, it may be possible to talk to members of the organization and see if any tickets are reserved. Depending on the gala, tickets can range from around $50 to thousands of dollars.

The Dress Code

Of course, one of the most entertaining parts of a gala is dressing up and getting to see what others are wearing. If a gala’s dress code is not specified, this usually means people should wear formal or black tie clothing. Depending on how fancy the event is, men may need a tuxedo or suit while women need a floor length gown. However, check the invite carefully before picking an outfit. It is common for galas to have themes like Black & White or Masquerade, and it is a major faux pas to show up without adhering to the theme.

Food and Drinks

Charity gala guests can almost always expect to get some sort of food and drinks. Some places may give a sit-down dinner while others just pass nibbles around on trays. Dinner is more common at the type of gala where guests pay for tables. These prices are typically included in the ticket, though some galas may limit alcohol consumption unless guests want to pay more.

The Entertainment

The final thing to expect at a gala is the entertainment. It usually starts off slow with a few speeches from either a celebrity or a patron for the charity. Then it may move on to auctions, raffles, or give-away events. To add to the fun, there is often other entertainment like live music and dancing.