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There are so many issues with the world today. Often, people want to help by donating, but they don’t know which causes will be the most effective. The five charities below aid people all over the world to make their lives and communities better. Donating to any of the charities below, or any of the charities at Global Giving, is sure to make an enormous impact on families around the world. 

1) Intervening in the Child Refugee Crisis in Syria – Children are often one of the groups most affected by global conflict, and the ongoing war in Syria is a prime example. Donating to Child Refugee Crisis will aid Syrian children with their needs, including shelter kits, hygienic products for children of all ages, and food.

2) Providing Housing for Orphans in Haiti – In the same vein, natural disasters can also disproportionately affect children. The 2010 earthquakes destroyed an orphanage in Haiti, and the children therein are still struggling. Funding this cause will help the children get food, beds and lodging costs, and provide for mosquito nets to shelter children from disease. 

3) Aiding Doctors in India – The medical field helps individuals from all walks of life thrive, but they cannot provide the correct interventions without proper training. Donating to help medical students in India become more effective medical professionals will help these future doctors provide the best service possible for the overall health of their citizens. This includes putting on workshops for the students, creating new content for them to learn, and training them to find appropriate health interventions.

4) Working Toward Better Refuges in Greece – As many refugees seek shelter in other countries, organizations work to help them transition more smoothly. Greece offers a safe haven for many individuals seeking asylum, and aid will go toward offering humanitarian aid, education for refugees, and emergency transportation. 

5) Funding Power and Light in Guatemala – Many places in Guatemala are without electricity. A group of women in Guatemala is trying to provide sustainable solar and water power to local homes. Giving to this cause will provide education to young women working on the project, water filters to the surrounding area, and solar lighting to schools.