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Volunteering is a great way to give back to communities locally or across the world, but it’s not easy for people who aren’t already financially secure.

Joining volunteer organizations can help you make an impact while being part of something greater, and while there are many great options out there, it can be hard to choose.

Here are a few volunteer options to help you take a great step in the world of volunteering.


NaCel is a student exchange program that bridges gaps between languages and cultures with multiple learning and volunteer opportunities.

The organization uses homestays, language learning programs, transportation management, and community support to create a non-profit home for international student outreach. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, NaCel provides scholarships, private school programs, international scholars programs, and hosting projects across the United States and NaCel host nations.

While host families can volunteer their homes to visiting students, students can volunteer in areas such as Costa Rica while learning about local culture and helping to make the world more sustainable.


GoEco is an eco-tourism company that brings volunteering and holiday together. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see the beauty of the greater world around you while lending a helping hand, and GoEco strives to make an ethical experience out of the process.

Volunteer at an African wildlife orphanage in Zimbabwe, handle construction projects or teach in Thailand, help the desert wildlife program in Israel, and responsibly experience and support the marine conservation efforts in Belize on a private island.


GVI supports volunteers in 21 locations across 13 countries around the world. One of their core concepts is sustainable development, which builds a structure for how they teach, create, and share in their host nations.

With GVI, volunteers can join projects such as teaching Buddhist novice monk in Laos. Volunteers teach English to attending monks while earning greater cultural and linguistic understanding of the host community. Volunteers assist teachers Monday through Friday, but the cultural immersion supports you every day.

GVI also provides marine conservation internships via remote research bases in Mexico, Seychelles, Fiji, and Thailand. There are also marine conservation volunteer programs for students, gap year volunteering, and other ways to experience the world while working towards a related degree or certification.

GVI’s international business internships are an opportunity for business management and leadership professionals to explore the world while sharing their knowledge. Help emerging economies build businesses while enriching yourself in how other cultures get things done. Network ethically without the footprint of massive, destructive projects, and help others see the future of sustainable markets.

Reach out to a volunteer program specialist to discuss other great opportunities locally and abroad.